My prayer, meditation and contemplation does not change God’s mind. It changes mine.

God is Clear, Consistent, Serene and Self-Sufficient. There is nothing to change, re-align or take on-board. He is Complete and One. God cannot be manipulated, nor does He need to be. God is not some distant harsh deity that needs to be appeased, flattered or cajoled into action or compassion. He is not deaf, nor distant. God is closer than the breath that I inhale.

The Father knows what I need before I ask. He doesn’t delight in the public prayers of many words.

God doesn’t need my prayer to become informed about my circumstance or situation.

Nor does he need to be reminded or coerced into becoming a responsible and present Father.

So then, what is the point to my prayer, meditation or contemplation?

Prayer is the means by which I seek and enter into the Peace of God within, whatever the circumstance or situation. Prayer is a means through which God the spirit can start to influence and align me with his wisdom, power and counsel. Prayer is the means through which I become transformed through the renewing of my mind.