I’m truly amazed at how quickly my 6 & 7 year olds are seemingly growing up overnight!

Friends in our age group with kids in high school and university (we came late to the parenting thing) tell me it goes in flash. ‘Enjoy the moments and the memories’ they say.

It seems only yesterday we we grappling with night feeds and nappy changes. Now suddenly, my wife and I live in our home with these 2 ‘strangers’ we get to learn new things about every day.

Life is truly a miracle when you have the right lenses on.

The problem is that we are often seduced by the legitimate cares of daily living in the body mind, blinding us to the miracles unfolding daily before our very eyes.

I am grateful for the gift of fatherhood and parenting of young children. It serves as a ‘nudge’, waking me up to what is truly real and precious.