​I cringe when people attempt to stereotype me with the label ‘religious’.

​To be honest I actually dislike the label and find it mildly offensive to be described as ‘religious’.

​I am mindful that this reaction could very well be a reflection of my own personal issues, than that of the person ‘innocently’ saying “oh I can see that you are religious”. So this little disclaimer aside, let me vent! …

​No I am not religious! How dare you sir!

​When you call me ‘religious’, this is what I hear:

​”oh I see that you write and speak using words and terms like Jesus, God, Faith, Prayer and so I assume you are Christian, superstitious, narrow minded, fearful and probably not very intelligent.”

​How dare you.

​I make no apology for my Christian foundations and I will continue to use words and imagery that authentically resonate with me and reflect the understanding I receive on my personal journey back into God. I don’t check the labels to see whether it is Christian, Buddhist, New Age, Philosophical, or whatever. I follow truth that resonates with my lived experience.

​I am led by the Witness within and the One who has been with me from the very beginning.

​My journey back into God is a continuing and ongoing journey. It is a deep, personal and sacred experience that draws from many traditions and expressions of human spirituality and quest for truth and meaning. It touches me on the levels of spirit, mind, intellect and body. All of me, not just some.

​So when people try to condense all that into one word by describing me as ‘religious’, I think the joke is on them.

​I am not compliant enough, nor exclusive enough to feel at home in any single tradition. I am a fish out of water. Call me whatever you like , but please don’t call me religious. ​I am anything but religious.

Rant over.