If they love and care for you, as they profess,
then your happiness will be more important to them*,
than your conformity
to their preferences and expectations
of how they* think you should be.

Stop living for the approval of those whose primary interest
is not for your happiness and bliss.

​Recognise that your conformity is more important to them,
than your happiness.
That is not love nor care.
That is control;
or worse still,
jealously and hate.

​Do not hate back
or despise them in return.

But do break free from the unhealthy attachment
and sense of obligation through which they have held
power and sway over you.

You shall know the truth and it will set you free!

​Your fulfilment and peace comes from living in your purpose and happiness,
or in the pursuit of that happiness, if you are still on that journey.

Be free to skip ahead in pursuit of your joy,
to fall and rise,
to fail and succeed,
to cry and laugh,
all on your own terms;
in your own time,
and in your own way.

Ultimately, in your pursuit of happiness,
you will discover that you have always had that which you pursued.
But you must make this discovery on your own terms,
not by being controlled nor living for the approval of another.

*Them, *They, *Another, could be friends, family, partner, spouse or even your own thoughts, beliefs and fears. Only God is good, and let God be true and every man a liar. He/She that has an ear to hear, let him/her hear.