A call to reflect on the power of your intentions and true motives.

As the New Year 2023 steps unto the stage, do consider that your intentions (and motivation), whether conscious or unconscious, are a powerful signal emitted out into the Universe.

Our intentions work like a homing beacon that attracts (or repels) things, people, events, experiences, opportunities and breakthroughs into our lives.

Hence, I invite you to spend time reflecting on what are your true intentions and motivations stepping into the New YEAR 2023.

They don’t have to be massive or groundbreaking.

For some, it is to merely maintain the status-quo, keep life and family on track.

For others, it is a specific goal, project or ambition.

Yet for others, it could also be that you need a complete change or turnaround in life, physical or mental health etc. It could be a desire and intention to find true purpose, direction and meaning in life.

However, regardless of the specifics, the more aligned our intentions are to all that is good, loving and true, the more likely they are to materialise.

What signals are you emitting? What are you attracting towards you, and what are you repelling by reason of your often hidden and unspoken intentions and motivations? God is listening. The Universe is waiting to serve and support that which is true, good and loving.

Let your journey into 2023 and the days ahead, start with the question, what are my intentions and motivations for life, for living, for being? Reflect on this, refine them if necessary, BUT do hold them consciously as you step into 2023 – and watch the miracles unfold for you.

Happy New Year.

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23