My cry is ‘Freedom!’
My quest is re-Union!

I refuse to be defined by the past.
I will not be limited by circumstances.
Fear and doubt will not have the last say.

I refuse to journey back in time
to past grievances,
offences or perceived slights.

I will spread my wings and fly high.

I will soar on currents of grace and unfailing love.

Though I often waver,
no person, circumstance or event will determine,
nor inform my inherent value and worth.

I dare to take my power back.
I dare to believe, and to expect greater things for my life TODAY.

I will no longer be boxed in by my thoughts.

I serve notice on my fears; both real and imagined.

I choose the realm of the Unseen as my frame of reference.
I look to the realms beyond my natural senses.
I draw Strength and Truth, from the quiet, still realms of the spirit.

For I know whom I have believed.

My cry is ‘Freedom!’
My quest is re-Union; where I dissolve into the Oneness that is God;
My Source and Father of my Beginnings.