The saying goes that the best things in life give themselves for free.
They are not received through effort, striving or desire.

We get the most out of life when we stop making demands of it.
When we step into the flow of life, the currents and tides bring us the best it offers … for free.

We are here because the Divine wants to experience and express itself.
I am an idea in the mind of God. I am a dream that God dreams.
We experience Oneness and Union when we seek with no strings, no conditions attached.
As the other saying goes, Let go and let God.

True prayer, meditation or contemplation,
is to gaze both inwards and outwards,
with no judgement or conditions attached.
There we find our peace, our joy, our true identity.

Likewise, we only truly see one another,
when we look without judgement and expectation.
We truly connect when there is no agenda other than the connection itself.
Step into the flow.
Engage life with no conditions attached.

I am not quite there yet myself.
I am still on the journey
But this is I know …

If I am to soar to the highest heights, then this path will bring me to the point,
where I am able to cast aside the weights, agendas and legitimate cares of this world,
to spread my wings and fly!

For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 14:17