Return to me, child.

Return to your centre.

Move at your own determined pace.

March to the beat of your own inner pacemaker.

Pick up your pace from the inside out; not outside in.

Resist the temptation to give up your peace for anxious energy,
in pursuit of legitimate goals and activities.

Look out for the traps set by the cares of this world.

In faith, choose to believe that the universe will contract and expand
to accommodate, accomplish and fit into your pace.
There is no rush, no risk of loss.

When you do lose your way and find yourself immersed in anxious energy … stop.
Dial down the volume.
Listen again for your inner rhythm, your tempo, your pace.

Know that you and I are co creators of the narrative of your life’s story.
Write your own script and follow it,
knowing that God is with you and you are with God.