The natural mind wants all the facts
and circumstances
aligned perfectly
before resting in peace.

But as soon as the mind perceives a change to the situation …
this transient peace evaporates!

I am left exhausted by the many peaks and throughs of this transient, illusionary peace.

I yearn for true peace. Authentic, consistent and true.
The peace that HOLDS in all situations.

Enduring peace which overrules and surpasses
the judgments of the natural mind, each time.
The kind that is a buffer and a protection.

This peace holds within the storm.
It feels the wind.
It experiences the turbulence.
Drenched by the driving rain
Besieged by flashes of crashing thunder,
it NEVER crumbles!

This peace that holds within the storm
is the peace that I desire.
Peace that doesn’t require circumstances to align before it knows ‘all is well’.
the peace of God that surpasses human understanding.