one sentence that summarises my life’s story. 

That is all it’s been about. Nothing more. 

The glory and faithfulness of Love remains forever untouched.

In the timeless zone within which my life exists, Love lifted me

If I should continue through to success, Love lifted me and brought me through.

If I should fail and utterly fall at any point, Love lifted me; carrying me for as long as I stood.

Lost and without hope; Love lifted me.

Utterly cast down with low self-esteem; Love lifted me.

Scared and insecure; Love lifted me.

Disillusioned and without direction; Love lifted me.

Buried under a weight of guilt and condemnation; Love lifted me.


ife testimony summarised in three words! 

The service and good works credited to this life; Love lifted me.

The good reports and reputation; Love lifted me.

The wisdom and understanding attributed to my person; Love lifted me.

The privileges and opportunities; Love lifted me.

Love lifted me.

I was slow to understand, but now I know; I am held up by Love. 

I have never really been strong, good or exceptional in myself. 

It was Love carrying me. Love lifted me.

God is Love. The Father of my Beginnings. He lifted me.