There is indeed some credibility and truth to the teachings about ‘Manifestation’, ‘Visualization’ and the ‘Name it, Claim it’ movements.

We indeed have the inherent potential, ability and power to conceive, dream and manifest ideas and projects into reality. This is because our essence, our substance is from God who is Father, Mother, Creator, Source.

However, this does not make you nor I, God. You are pretty awesome. BUT you are not God.

Lucifer’s fall, as told in the allegorical and mythical story, was based on a truth, not a lie. His error however was his mis-application of the truth of his immense glory, power and God-likeness.

Pride caused Lucifer to assume incorrectly, that all the power, ability, will and counsel of the God-head, was concentrated in himself. No singular expression of God is the full manifestation of God. Not even Jesus Christ, contrary to the claims of Christianity after him, tried to stake such a claim.

Whilst you have great autonomy and unlimited potential in your God-likeness, you do not of yourself and within yourself, have the sustaining and keeping power to hold all the variable strands together in perfect harmony. Only God can do that.

You do not of yourself, have the power to keep all the moving parts spinning in harmony and on schedule. Only God can do that.

You proceed from God. God does not proceed from you.

Awesome creator, dreamer of dreams’ and manifest-or that you are, humbly recognise your limits and bend the knee (metaphorically speaking) to the One from whom all life proceeds; the One who maintains all the variables and expressions of life flowing in perfect harmony.

You see, you are pretty awesome BUT you are not God. You need me and I need you – and only collectively can we begin to be the full expression of God.

You see the ONE is not some bearded being sitting on a throne in the clouds. The ONE is expressed collectively in ALL, and yet still seperate and distinct from ALL. That is the mystery and why it is said that ‘God cannot be known, only experienced’.

Let God be true and every man a liar

Romans 3:4