A note to the ‘congregation of Believers’ otherwise known as ‘Church’, ‘Club’, ‘Community’, ‘Fellowship’, ‘Temple’, ‘Ashram’ etc

The tie that binds is defined as the shared belief or other factor that links people together.

Surely and ultimately, LOVE should be the only tie that binds us together, not beliefs, doctrines, dogma or creeds.

Otherwise, our relationships and interactions are merely transactional and fall short of the ONENESS that is God.

I believe in Jesus. I believe in the testimony of Jesus. I believe his words are spirit and life giving; and through them I can access liberty, freedom from the power of lies and illusions. The truth you know will set you free.

But I don’t need you to believe in Jesus to commit to you, to break bread and fellowship with you. Love is the ultimate revelation and it teaches me that the Father heart of God is all accepting, all believing, all loving. It is wide, deep and big enough to accommodate ALL.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another

John 13:35