The unholy alliance of our ego, body and mind makes us less than whole. The ego body mind alliance is self referencing, self informing and self reinforcing. At its core, this unholy alliance is one built upon and sustained by illusion, insecurity and fear.

To restore balance and wholeness, the unholy alliance of ego, body mind
has to be replaced by the holy alliance of spirit, body and mind.

Wholeness is being properly aligned mentally, physical and spiritually. Wholeness is conducive to our overall well-being.

Proper alignment – of spirit, soul and body – is my definition of holiness.

God as Father, is the perfect definition of holiness – complete, whole with serenity, clarity and self-sufficiency.

Our goal in our human existence is to attain, discover and sustain a similar state of perfection.

But the reality is it often feels like an elusive process and an uphill journey to get there.

Sometimes, it feels like 2 – steps forward and one back.

Nevertheless, the goal remains to be holy i.e. properly aligned spirit, soul and body.

Calling it a ‘goal’ suggests it is something to work or strive for, but in reality it is not, for the kingdom of God is nearer than you think. The kingdom of God is within and the shortcut to get there is often ‘surrender’. Not by power, or might but by Spirit.

Allow the work of God, trust the process to usher you into re-alignment within of spirit, body and mind. Let’s allow Grace and Wisdom to lead us beside the still waters to rest in the peace that passes all understanding.

I believe it is possible to be as the Father is in serenity, clarity and self-sufficiency.

I believe that the quest for wholeness, holiness if you like, is good and necessary one.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Matthew 5:48