“Mummy doesn’t do it like that!”

Daddy hairdresser

I am sure many dads have encountered those words of rebuke from their little ones at some point. It might be the way you cut the vegetables or fried the egg. It is never quite like mummy’s. How dare you try to put your stamp on it! Mummy’s way is the standard and you are not supposed to deviate from it!

Well my latest telling off had to do with my hairdressing skills.

I am trying my utmost to learn on the job, but I am never going to be hairdresser to the stars and celebrities. I am just not anywhere near that good enough.

I am simply trying to get my little princesses hair near passable as ‘tidy’. Heaven forbid that I try to match mummy’s standards. But not good enough for my little girl. So I have been instructed to get hairdressing lessons from mummy when she gets back from work.

Who knows? I could yet become a pro at this hairdressing thing. Bring on the hairdressing masterclass. I’m going to become the envy of mums on the morning school run.

I can see the conversation now in mind’s eye …

School run mum to my daughter .. “I love your hair honey. Mum did a great a job!”
Me … cough cough! “Actually, I dressed her hair” .. smugly.

Maybe it is too soon to write me off as hairdresser to the stars.