When I was younger, I relished the debate.
I would gleefully jump into the fray.
Keen to make or prove my point,

Eager to show or prove the errors of their ways or beliefs, I would verbally wrestle and reason with acquaintances, friends and family.

I am older and hopefully wiser now.
I have come to see the futility of debates and arguments.

Beauty and love are unveiled in the silence,

not in the multitude of words and debates.

Truth is known,

unspoken in the heart,

not in dogma or philosophies.

Each person’s journey is ‘Holy Ground’

not to be trampled upon.

To love your neighbour as your self,
Is to allow them space and time to grow

at their own pace.

Let go, and let God,

Let go, and let Life,

Let go, and let the Universe

set your neighbour’s course,

not you.

Their journey is just as sacred and holy as yours,
For God has no favourites.