You and I are a contradiction – divine essence in human form. Divinity seemingly held captive by mortality. Regardless of your current experience and circumstances, your real essence and identity is not the image staring back at you in the mirror.

The thoughts, beliefs, fears, perceptions, values, preferences and tendencies that make up your self-image and ‘internal world’; whilst very real in your lived experience, actually lack any substance that could stand the test of objective reality.

Nevertheless, many of us are held captive under the hypnotic power of self-image and the internal world of our thoughts.

Lawful captives of this illusionary world, we are truly lost and out of our natural habitat like fish out of water.

But we are on a journey home; for we came from Light and to Light we must return. It is our destiny.
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Who I’m I? What is my story?

Dad, Husband, Coach, Writer are some labels I wear, amongst others.

Above all, and for most of my conscious life, a fish out of water best describes the clash of worlds between the life on the inside of me, and what I encounter in the world ‘outside’.

A bewildered observer and reluctant participant in life, I found comfort very early on in a childlike (naive?) faith in God and in the religion ‘inherited’ from my practising Catholic parents.

Ushered on by Grace, and with Love as my homing beacon (though often seemingly and frustratingly unreachable), I find myself guided on a journey back towards my natural home.

Home is where God is. Home is who God is. Home is a crystal clear flowing river, with nourishing and refreshing waters that run deep.

I am still on a journey. But as I go, I am leaving markers and signposts in my wake. The posts and writings on this blog are markers (I hope) that others may find helpful. They are also an invitation for fellow pilgrims on the journey to reach out, comment and share from their own experiences, insights, victories and misses along the way.

I am not a teacher. I am not a preacher. I am a sharer, if you like.

On this blog, I share from the lessons and insights that I receive as I go. Most of these are still sinking in. I won’t pretend that they are my daily and consistent lived experience!

Like most, I sometimes struggle living with the ‘contradiction’ that we each are – divine essence in human form. But I share, I write because I have become fully persuaded of this journey, and of the One that whispers in my heart and draws me back home to my real essence and identity in him.