From birth, we are each enrolled into the University of Life.

There is an active curriculum at work in each of our lives. Have you discovered and tapped into the curriculum at work in your life? I believe that when we do, we have a choice to ignore, resist or surrender to it.

There is a power, force, intelligence at work in and around you. It moves with purpose and design; hidden in plain sight, if you knew where to look.

All that you need and will be, is already PRESENT within you.

The lessons and events emerging in your life, have been designed to equip and assist you on your journey to true purpose and fufilment; to LOVE.

Start where you are.
Approach all things with an attitude and expectation …
that there is a benevolent agenda at work in your life
…. and watch the miracles unfold.

Be still and know that I AM God.

Psalm 46:10