Over the next few weeks I will share quotes from Writers whose words have influenced my journey in recent years. Richard Rohr is one of such.

These words jumped up from the book at me, not to teach me something new, but rather to confirm something I had already discovered.

As a fish out of water all my life, only meaning could nourish and sustain me on the road back to my source and essence. I had tried to play the game; aspiring for the things you are told define success, only to find illusion and lies that promise much but deliver little each time.

Grace came to the rescue, setting me on a journey that gives meaning and focus to life and existence.
I describe this journey as a conscious walk (as opposed to the the ‘zombie’ like existence of the ego).

It is also an evolving and emerging process of working and learning with the Spirit (God/Universe/Holy Ghost/Take you pick) as my active Companion, Guide, Teacher and Helper.

This journey is characterised primarily by consciousness and ‘seeing’ through experience and through my active participation, a coming together and growth into God who is all in all. You become aware and involved in the process; it is a collaboration. We are indeed ‘co-workers’ with God.

It’s a space where you start seeing ‘coincidences’ for what they really are – i.e. miracles.

You start to see cohesion in your universe. You witness and experience an acceleration of insight, knowledge and wisdom.

You find meaning that mere words cannot describe or explain.
It nourishes you like manna in the desert and morning dew on parched lips.

Equipped with meaning, I AM able to be, be fulfilled and function out in the real world.

I would rather focus and stay with the journey.
Because it brings meaning to my path.
It relieves me of the the egos fixation with illusions and lies.