Beloved, a reminder for those moments of stress, pressure and self doubts.

Contrary to popular opinions …

Life is not about performance.

Rather, life is an unveiling of what is within you.
It is an expression, and less of a performance.

This is your part ...

Don’t feel compelled to impress or perform.
Choose instead to be authentic; your true self.

Believe in the good that you have to offer.
Believe in the value of your uniqueness.
Don’t compete.
Simply express
what’s within you,

As you express what is within,
Life will bring in the tide that floats your boat,

Life will also bring the wind to fill your sails and set your course.

Who or what do you express to?
Where and how? ….

Your audience is whomever will hear, read and listen.
The whole world is your audience.
Go wherever the door opens
and flow wherever the spirit wills.

In doing so, you embrace God;
for God dwells in, and is expressed through all people of all nations in all places.

God has got you. Rest and be at ease. Live the life you have always wanted to.